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Sat, 10 Aug 2019
10-08-2019 12:00
11-08-2019 02:00

Artifactory is having it's seventh gaming LAN party and you're all invited! Come along, play games, and enjoy and enjoy many hours of gaming fun in our awesome warehouse workshop in Osborne Park.

Games to be played include:

Rocket League
Quake 3 Arena
Unreal Tournament 2K4
TrackMania Nations Forever
Warcraft 3
Starcraft 2
As always, feel free to suggest a game or even try and get a pick-up game going.


What to bring:

A gaming worthy computer, preferably patched up with the latest versions of the games you want to play and all the relevant drivers etc.

Feel free to bring along consoles if you want, we'll have a space set aside for them. Also we may have a large space available to setup VR gear. Please contact us if you want to do this.

Venue has plenty of power boards, but please bring your own power cords. We're aiming to try and provide network cables for everyone, but if you want to bring your own feel free. We'd suggest a 10m cable because of the venue's layout.

If you want to bring your chair, please do. We've got a few office chairs, but the rest of them are just plastic school chairs. Please only bring a single monitor 30" or less.

File servers and/or NAS boxes can be catered for... but we reserve the right to say no. No more than 1 Network port per person unless approved by admins.


We'll organise a food order on the Saturday night if demand is great enough. Price for food to be confirmed. If you want to bring your own food we've got facilities to heat it up as well!


We've got a well stocked fridge at cheap prices that are available to you throughout the whole event. We've also got hot drinks available including REAL coffee! If you want to bring your own, please be aware there will not be fridge space for it. As this is an 18+ aged event, we also have some beers for sale at the bar.


There's plenty of on-site parking for you and our car-park is monitored by CCTV.


We'll be closing the doors when it gets late, you will be allowed to leave during this time but you will need to advise an admin as they will have to let you back in. The entire event space is covered by recorded CCTV. 

Other Rules:
Due to the nature of the event space, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian at all times. We would also reccomend that attendees be 14 or older due to the nature of the event and event space.

As we are a licensed venue, attendies are allowed to BYO drinks, as long as the amount is reasonable and everyone's well behaved.

Ticket Type Price
Non-members Ticket $10.00 Sale Ended
Artifactory Members ticket $0.00 Sale Ended
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